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Mini-Pepperoni: Pepper's Valentine's Gift

Here's a last minute Valentine's Day gift to you!



Mini-Marvels: Pepper Thanking Hulk


Just what I think would happen when Pepper meets Hulk.

Mini-Marvels: Thor's First Christmas

This is a little something for the Holidays.  I hope you enjoy it.

Mini-Marvels: A new team member

This is a Christmas Present of sorts to immortalje.  She wanted something involving Bruce liking Thor because Thor's so tough.

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Debate Fic: Thor vs. Bella Cullen

This is the third of a 'Debate' series.  This takes place after Bella married Edward and become a vampire.  Thor is of Marvel and Bella is owned by Stephanie Meyer.

Thor vs. Bella Cullen

By Marie Nomad

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Well, I participated in the Trunk or Treat thing that my church was hosting.  It was fun but it was very cold.  Here's me with my trunk.

trunk or treat

In my defense, I didn't know my mask was crooked.

Mini-Marvels: Captain Hoarder

This is inspired by a prompt in avengerkink.  I had already written a fan fic already but I had to make this pic.

Captain Hoarder

Fan fic: Tony vs. Edward

Tony belongs to Marvel Comics and Edward belongs to Stephanie Meyer.  I don't make any money from this.

Tony vs Edward
By Marie Nomad

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Mini-Marvels: Thor: Hunter



ThorBoarHunter 3

Thor Boar Hunter 4

Just a note: I don't own American Hoggers or the Marvel Characters.