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Mini-Pepperoni: What Tony Would Do

A sequel of sorts to my previous pic.  This features Nurse Tony still taking care of Pepper.

Tony Stark Care 2

Mini-Pepperoni: Sick Day

Sick Pepper

Pepper's sick and so she's getting some help.

Mini-Marvels: Thoughts after Movie

This is what the Avengers thought after the movie. 

Thoughts after Avengers

Characters: Pepper Potts and Bella Swan
Timeline: Pepper is from the Avengers Movieverse.  Bella Swan is from Post Eclipse but pre-Breaking Dawn.
Summary: What happens when Pepper Potts and Bella Swan meet and debate about their boyfriends and goals?
Disclaimer: I don't own Pepper or Bella.  Pepper Potts is owned by Marvel Comics.  Bella Swan is owned by Stephanie Meyer.
Title: Pepper vs. Bella
Author: Marie Nomad

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Title: Steve Rogers and the Battle Against Starvation
Author: Marie Nomad
Notes: Inspired by a prompt in avengerkink The Prompter wanted a fic involving Steve discovering Costco. Many thanks to arcanelegacy for betareading this.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters.  They belong to Marvel Comics.  Costco is real and have great bargains.
Summary: Steve discovers Costco and Tony feels like he's in a superhero edition of Hoarders.

Steve Rogers and the Battle Against Starvation

By Marie Nomad

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Avengers Movie (no spoilers)

Well, I saw the movie and after braving a storm and waiting through some technical difficulties.  I watched the movie and it was awesome!  I also went ahead and showed off my inner comic book geek.

And I'm not alone.

The geeks were out in droves.  It was fun.

Anxiety over Avengers movie

I am really nervous about the movie.  I keep on seeing spoilers everywhere.  I try not to think about it but every five minutes there was another Avengers related advertisement.  I hope that I will like it.  I also hope that it will boost up my creativity. 

In the meantime, I found something hilarious.

Yes, it's real.  Maybe someone can make a fic out of this.

Bed Rest (Mini-Marvels)

Here's another Mini-Marvel Strip.  Because of it's length, I'm putting it in this cut.  Enjoy!

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A Board Game perfect for Tony Stark

I was reading some Cracked articles and I found out a very interesting board game made in the 1970s.

Yes, it's a real game.  Someone has to make a fic with that.