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Debate Fic: Thor vs. Bella Cullen

This is the third of a 'Debate' series.  This takes place after Bella married Edward and become a vampire.  Thor is of Marvel and Bella is owned by Stephanie Meyer.

Thor vs. Bella Cullen

By Marie Nomad

Thor: I am Thor, Son of Odin and of Marvel!

Bella: And I'm Bella Cullen of Twilight.  So, you're a real god?

Thor: Well, we are aliens who had traveled to this world thousands of years ago to guide humans.  We had left after that.

Bella: What's it like being a god?

Thor: Difficult at times. 

Bella: But it must be wonderful to have people cater to your every whim.  To have people build statues and temples in your honor.

Thor: It can also be a burden if you are not careful.  What about you?  I see that you had become a vampire.  How do you feel?

Bella: Wonderful!  I'm graceful and beautiful and immortal!  I have all these powers!  I can see dust motes dancing in the air!  I can hear every breath in the surrounding hundred feet!  I can smell you and you smell like a rain and thunder!  I can crush rocks with my bare hands.  I can run across the state in mere minutes!  I had risen above the mere human and become what I was destined to be!

Thor: Do you not miss your humanity?  This is a huge change in your life.

Bella: I don't miss a thing.  I am perfect!  I don't need sleep.  I won't get sick.  I won't age a single day.  I am forever and eternal!

Thor: But if you do not sleep, then do you not dream? Dreams are a wonderful thing.

Bella: I am living the dream right now!

Thor: What about food?  The people of Midgard have a vast assortment of foods and beverages that will take decades if not centuries to try out. 

Bella: Food is over rated.  Give me a cougar any time.  

Thor: It is tragic that you had lost your humanity at such a young age.

Bella: Why are you acting like I lost something important?  Humanity is over rated.


Bella: Why are you so defensive about humans?  They are weak and stupid.  We are superior to them in every way.  You are worshipped as a god.

Thor: I may be stronger than they are and I will live long after my human friends fade from this world but they are not inferior to the likes of us.  They are adaptive.  They learned to kill and to heal.  Their civilizations forge bonds with other civilizations to change goods.  In the City of New York, there was a small block in which you can get a eggroll from China, a beer from Ireland, a pizza from Italy, and a coffee from Colombia.  Does that not blow your mind?

Bella: Not really.   

Thor: What of your parents?

Bella: They're okay.  But my mother's scattered brained and my father couldn't survive without someone to cook for him in the house.

Thor: But they loved you and raised you the best they could.

Bella: They did a good job but they are not that special.

Thor: You are a child!  I had met many special humans; those who are lost after a long sleep and yet fight to save others, those who had actually tapped into the Terrasect and created new technologies, those fought the magic of a powerful god from within... those who faced gods with a weapon that is untested.  If you simply open your eyes, there are mortals out there that are... incredible.

Bella: But they are weak. 

Thor: But that weakness makes them more... admirable.  They are a brave and tenacious race.  It is my desire to protect them and help them when they need it.

(Bella rolls her eyes)

Bella: If you believe that. 

Thor: You... you remind me of myself when I was younger.

Bella: Thank you.

Thor: I was an arrogant spoiled person who believed that those humans are beneath me.  I am blessed with a father stern enough to teach me the important lesson of humility.  When you realize my words and gain some wisdom, you will understand.

The End


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Nov. 2nd, 2012 12:30 am (UTC)
It should also behoove Bella to consider the fact that the last person who had that very same mindset got his ass handed to him by the Hulk.

Edited at 2012-11-02 12:31 am (UTC)
Nov. 3rd, 2012 10:35 am (UTC)
I was literally just thinking we should introduce Bella to the big guy and see what happens! I think a "Puny vampire" would make my LIFE.
Nov. 11th, 2012 07:27 pm (UTC)
I don't know. I think insulting Bella as a 'puny vampire' wouldn't hurt her at all, because it would just not get through to her that vampires could be insignificant, even when she was being slammed around...

This was a nice fic, by the way ^^
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